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Auto Body Repair near Mission Viejo CA

Got into an auto accident? Looking for a body shop? Should you look for an "inexpensive" auto body shop? Fender bender? Your worry stops here at Laguna Niguel Collision Center. We accept all major vehicle insurance policies. Our certified staff and experienced technicians will help you get back on the road as quickly as possible without sacrificing our commitment to craftsmanship, service, we are quality body shop in Orange County, CA. There are no limitations when it comes to the make or model of your vehicle; we are well equipped to undertake accurate repairs on any car. Our expertise ranges from cosmetic paintless dent removal to completely repairing a vehicle that has been in a major car accident. Bring in you vehicle for a free estimate.

Bumper Repair

There are four main types of bumpers that are used on cars which are plastic bumper, carbon fiber bumper, body kit bumper, and steel bumper. The most common bumper that is used on modern cars are plastic bumpers because they are reinforced with thermoplastic, cheap to manufacture, easy to fit, and absorb more energy during a crash. These bumpers are fairly easily repaired using the plastic repair process. The next type of bumper is carbon fiber which is mostly used on super-cars because of the very light weight material and safe during a crash. The carbon fiber bumpers are a little more complex to repair but most of them can be repaired using the fiberglass & carbon fiber repair process. Then next type of bumper is a body kit bumper which is commonly seen on modified cars because these bumpers come in a kit, improve the performance of the car, and really improve the look of the vehicle. These bumpers are usually custom made and can be out of plastic or carbon fiber, so depending on the type of bumper it can be repaired using that specific process. The last type of bumper is a steel bumper which is not commonly seen on cars today but more reserved for classic cars. These bumpers require a lot of work to hammer out the dings and dents or doing a lot of searching for one that is available. Most of the time this type of bumper will be custom ordered as a replacement.

Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber Repair

Fiberglass is a composite material, made of fine glass filaments or fibers held together with resin making it lightweight and low costing. Carbon Fiber is also a composite material, but is made of carbon filaments which are sealed together with resin under pressure. Most damage to carbon fiber parts can be repaired despite some popular beliefs that it cannot and that the part just needs to be replaced. Almost all damage to fiberglass can be repaired as well. The repair process for both the carbon fiber and the fiberglass components is fairly simple. First our technicians would assess if the damage is repairable, and if it is they would begin by cleaning the damaged area. Next a mixture of resin and epoxy would be applied to the area, and left to dry. After the drying process the area would be sanded smooth so that it all blends together flawlessly. The technicians would then finish off by buffing and polishing the area so the fiberglass or carbon fiber component would look like new.

Plastic Repairs

At Laguna Niguel Collision Center we can repair most damaged plastic panels, skirts, bumpers, and many other plastic components. The repair process for plastic panels is simple but must be done thoroughly. Our skilled technicians have the experience to do the job right the first time through. First the technicians will clean the area to be repaired. Then they will remove all rugged edges and sand down the damaged area so that there is a smooth surface. Next the area will be cleaned again to make sure there are no oils, filings, or dirt and then the technicians would apply the adhesion promoter. The next step would be to apply the structural backing to re-enforce the plastic and fill the holes with the repair filler material spreading it evenly. After which it would dry, be sanded down to a smooth surface, and painted to match the rest of the panel.

Air Conditioner & Heater Repair

When your car stops blowing cold air or hot air and you find that the cars air conditioner (A/C) or heater has stopped working give us a call. Our expert technicians can diagnose the problem and usually repair it the same day. If the A/C is leaking or one of the components stopped working, we will find it and fix it or replace it. We'll make sure your AC and/or heater is top notch working condition so you don't have to worry about the weather.